lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Easter project (5 year-olds, grades 1st 'bilingual group' and 2nd).

                                                                Happy Easter 2011!!!

We did a variety of Easter activities with the 5 year old class and first grade students. Each student in both classes helped paint a giant Easter Egg that says, "Happy Easter 2011" and is hanging in the entryway of the school. The first grade students learned some basic vocabulary (Easter basket, Easter egg, Easter Bunny, bow, chick, Easter egg hunt, and happy Easter) and then colored and assembled a paper Easter basket filled with eggs, a chick, and a bunny. After the craft, they went outside and participated in an Easter egg hunt. Fifteen paper Easter eggs had been colored, laminated, and then hid outside on the patio. The students were given instructions to search for the hidden eggs. After the students successfully found all 15 of the eggs, they were
given a chocolate egg.

In this video you will learn how to dye eggs.